Thursday, July 11, 2013

Microsoft News

PC's continue to tank. Macs benefit by tanking more slowly:
PC shipments dropped 11% worldwide in Q2, Apple's US share contracts 4.3%

Sigh, this leaves little hope for any real improvements (and I'm betting it will be buggy as well because Microsoft is not used to the compressed schedule):
Microsoft: PC manufacturers will get Windows 8.1 in August

Windows 8.1, Intel's Haswell not expected to reverse sliding PC sales

Given the obnoxious stance Microsoft took with developers when Windows 8 first shipped [very strict compliance with worse than Apple guidelines], I was thoroughly shocked to see this article. They must be really desperate for apps.
Beware of deceptive apps in Windows Store

Essentially, this next article argues that Microsoft is missing the many specialty apps that make smartphones and tablets so useful (for example an app that tracks your kid's soccer schedule, etc). Microsoft has been paying to get the most popular apps, but that just doesn't get those specialty apps
Microsoft, Apps and the Long Tail

A real threat to Microsoft Office!
Chrome OS dev channel gains Quickoffice powers, lets users edit native Excel and Word files

I always hated embedded spreadsheets and the like. They sounded like they would make things easier, but in truth they were a lot of trouble and made Word even more bloated to use. Well, this "new" feature sounds like the same thing, but from the web.
How Microsoft is using live data to redefine the Office 'document'

This really has to give enterprise customers pause about using Microsoft Cloud Services.
Revealed: how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

Microsoft is having a reorg... yawn!
A new Microsoft: Major reorganization puts focus on hardware, services

Even Paul Thurrott seemed to be yawning:
Microsoft Reorg Explained

A good in depth article about the former Windows head, new Devices head:
The Rise of Julie Larson-Green, the Heir Apparent at Microsoft

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