Sunday, July 7, 2013

Google News

Google Chrome Now Rules In The Browser Wars

This Chart Proves That Many Internet Explorer Users Are Only Using It Because They're Forced To At Work

OPINION: Why Chromebooks Should Rule The School

Google has an unusually large amount of Bad News this week

These first two articles are about an important Android flaw. The news is important in that it shows Google's detached development style has serious drawbacks. It is unimportant in that it is unlikely to affect users that get their apps from Google Play.

Android security flaw affects 99 percent of phones, researcher says

Here’s why most users won’t be affected by the latest Android flaw

It is likely true that tension between user privacy and Google's need to make money via ads will always run into conflict. These next 2 articles cover the latest sagas:
Twitter May Have Handed Microsoft A Huge Victory In Its War Against Google

Google And Others Reportedly Pay Adblock Plus To Show You Ads Anyway

Google+ seems to have an unhealthy influence on Google. Problems with it interfering with Search. Problems with Google favoring it in other software over more popular options. It is widely believed that it played a major role in the demise of the very popular Google Reader service.

'Google Mine' heads to Google+, Android?

Google Reader Founder: I Never Would Have Founded Reader Inside Today's Google

Google Plus Is Like Frankenstein’s Monster

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