Monday, July 1, 2013

Firefox OS News

Firefox OS gets its first standalone News post.

Firefox OS smartphones arrive: A fine mobile Petri dish | ZDNet

Two New Firefox OS Smartphones Spur The Future Of The Mobile Web – ReadWrite

Introducing Firefox's Android Rival, Brought to You by Google - Businessweek

In my view, Firefox OS and Tizen are more likely to be long term major players than Blackberry (nearly dead), Windows Phone 8, or iOS.
  • They are as open (or more so) than Android.
  • They have significant organizations behind them. 
  • They are flexible. While phones and tablets are not going away anytime soon, new areas, such as TVs, game consoles, watches, and 50 things not announced yet, are the areas of big growth. Microsoft, Apple and Blackberry do not have business models amenable to that sort of usage. This means that the overall ecosystem is growth limited for those platforms.
It would not surprise me that in 2015 or 2016 that the top three platforms will be Android, Firefox OS, and Tizen (not sure what the ordering will be).

Here's a related article today:
Nokia's cheap $20 (and profitable) cell phone
This phone runs none of these operating systems, but it does show why Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 business model is nigh impossible to work long term. The simple truth is that significant (Android) smartphones are already available sub-$100. It will not be long before a $20 phone is capable of running one of these smartphone OSes.

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