Friday, July 26, 2013

Chrome News

If find the fact that this list is made fascinating... this sort of thing used to only be Windows, and maybe Macs, then Smartphones. I think it shows that Chrome really is its own platform now.
Lifehacker Pack for Chrome 2013: Our List of the Best Extensions

Google Chrome Blog: Simpler printing from more places

Chromecast News

This is a new way of using your TV from Google. Announced Wednesday, it is already sold out. I think it might just be the new hot thing that everyone was looking for from Apple.

$35 Google Chromecast lets you stream internet videos, music to a TV - Liliputing

10 Things You Need To Know About Google's New Chromecast – ReadWrite

Chromecast will disrupt the living room; Apple TV and Airplay don't stand a chance - Android Authority

Google Chromecast roundup: Stream local files, peek at the insides, consider the future of TV - Liliputing

Chromecast shows how Google is really “merging” Android and Chrome — Tech News and Analysis

How Chromecast works: HTML5, WebRTC, and the technology behind casting - Android Authority

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