Thursday, July 11, 2013

At Last Real ChromeOS Numbers (and They're Great!)

Finally, we have some real ChromeOS numbers:

IDC and Gartner say 76 million PCs sold last quarter, so, that means ChromeOS had 4 or 5 percent if that (using 4.5%): That is 3.42 million sales in a traditionally slow quarter. One question I'd like answered is: Does that number includes all the leased devices that are out there? (Apparently leasing is very popular in Education and Government.)

Oh and remember that DigiTimes report back in March?  They said that 500,000 Chromebooks had be sold in total. That number was more than an order of magnitude off. In 2012, ChromeOS was 1 to 2 percent (using 1.5%) of 353 million PC sales, that would be: 5.3 million. Take that Paul Thurrott (Windows uber-pundit and Chromebook hater)! That doesn't even include the sales from January and February! Why do people keep believing DigiTimes?

Of course Google is busy improving ChromeOS... this holiday season I expect the builtin QuickOffice and Chrome Packaged Apps to move many more user's over the tipping point where a Chromebook is better for them than a full laptop. I'm thinking 20 million plus ChromeOS units in 4Q13.  And just wait till 4Q14!

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