Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Apple News

Why doesn't Apple see these things coming? In fairness, Apple is probably not worse about this than most tech companies... but the nature of their fans makes this a bigger issue for them.
Apple making cheaper iPhones at Chinese factory that mistreats workers, group says

It's been like 2 weeks now and the developer center is still not fully up!
Apple Faces App Review Backlog After Developer Center Breach

Historically, Apple has never treated its workers as well as most of the tech industry did... as Apple has gotten bigger, this seems to have gotten worse.
Apple retail workers file class action suit claiming lost wages over bag searches

This next article is about why the author chose a Nokia Windows Phone 8 phone over an iPhone 5. While I am not fond of Windows Phone 8, I do not find it awful in the way I find Windows 8's Metro to be awful. On a smaller screen the interface works reasonably well. There is still the problem of the active tiles making it difficult to tell what you are trying to launch, but again, on a phone it is manageable. Anyway, this next article shows just how vulnerable the iPhone is... this guy makes a good case why it makes sense to choose it over an iPhone. The overarching reason is that the iPhone is stagnant. Even Nokia, dragged down with Microsoft issues and not on the most stable financial footing, makes a much more interesting phone than an iPhone. Indeed, Nokia makes a range of phones that are more interesting than the iPhone [and cheaper too]. As the author points out, even "Live" tiles are interesting relative to iOS [they are not as good as what is available on Android though].
Five reasons I dropped my iPhone 5 for a Nokia Lumia 1020

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