Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Android News

Android Is The New Windows

This next points to a couple of interesting charts. In particular the breadth of Android devices available is simply breathtaking.
Android Fragmentation Report - Business Insider

Android fragmentation surges, but is that a bad thing?

Android 4.3 shows persistent notifications for “unkillable” apps

Turn an Android Stick into a Streaming Media and Google Voice Server

Android Device News

HP Slatebook x2 gets special coverage. I think it is the first Tegra 4 based hybrid. It is the first machine I'm comfortable saying is a real ARM/Android-based, Wintel competitive, laptop.  It has the added bonus of being a tablet as well! Back in February, I made this Demo of an ARM-based laptop using a Samsung Chromebook... the Exynos 5250 not being quite up to the task but did make a decent showing. Since the beginning of this blog, I have been saying such a laptop would come. It appears to have arrived at last! I have not gotten to use one yet, hopefully it will live up to my hopes!
HP SlateBook x2 convertible tablet now available for $479 - Liliputing

HP launches Android-based SlateBook 'PC' | Mobile - CNET News

HTC One mini review

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