Saturday, June 29, 2013

Searching for an Alternative to Blogger (Google not Trustworthy)

Back in March, just after Google announced the demise of Reader, I wrote this article:
Are Google (or Any Cloud-based) Products Trustworthy?.

It essentially explores the problem of what happens when a cloud service provider, such as Google, abruptly discontinues a product you depend on, such as what Google did with Reader.

Well, today in the news I find the following:

Google's Blogger to delete all 'adult' blogs with ads in three days | ZDNet

Google's Blogger Cracking Down On Adult Ads | News & Opinion |

My blog doesn't have "Adult" content or ads, but the very fact that Google would change a policy, then give users THREE DAYS to change things is just crazy.

Worse, I've been trying to improve the template of this blog -- I don't like a number of formatting decisions in the blog template. I go in with Blogger's template editor, make my change, and voila... nothing happens.
Blogger also seems to be exaggerating the number of page views I'm getting (relative to individual post pageviews). I've tried to report it to Google, but I cannot get them to listen, which is odd for Google. And don't even get me started on FeedBurner!!!!

In short, it seems Google has lost interest in Blogger and we all know what that means, don't we?

So, I'm looking for a Blogger alternative. I prefer it to be a canned solution. I do this for free, so it needs to be either free or cheap. Anybody got any good ideas?  (Please leave a comment below!)

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