Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Linux News

Oracle acquired control of MySQL when they bought Sun. Open source developers grew increasingly unhappy with how Oracle handles MySQL and a fork called MariaDB was created. Late last year it was placed under the MariaDB Foundation. Red Hat is considering a jump to MariaDB.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 software stack still under wraps | ZDNet

Cheapest way I know of that gets you to an ARM-based Linux server that can have a SATA drive:
Cubieboard gets a dual-core upgrade ($59 Android, Linux mini PC) - Liliputing

Mir is a replacement for X11. It is made to support mobile devices as well as desktop. It is simpler, which is part of the problem as features used by things like Gnome are not available.
Canonical's Mir move doesn't sit well with some Linux developers - Network World

If you read this blog, you probably know the answers:
The most popular end-user Linux distributions are... | ZDNet

13 Linux Debuggers for C++ Reviewed | Dr Dobb's

Microsoft made a serious mistake when they made the City of Munich mad.
City of Munich spreads the gospel of Linux with Lubuntu giveaway - Network World

LibreOffice love sees Microsoft removed from thousands of PCs in South Tyrol | ZDNet

LibreOffice is getting better, even better - Open Source Insider

Firefox OS and Tizen are probably the new comers to watch:
Shisutena to launch a 10 inch Tizen Linux tablet in Japan - Liliputing

Google's new competitor duo: Firefox and Foxconn - CBS News

Firefox OS: Will Mozilla's Secret Sauce Be Enough? | Mobile | LinuxInsider

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