Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chrome News

The video is actually a bit of a disappointment, but the article is nice and the message is true:
Still don’t believe Google Chrome is a platform? This video will change your mind.

Walmart and Staples enter in a big way. Many others in progress.
Chromebook now available in 6,600 stores around the world

This next is really the same thing (Walmart and Staples), I just like the title.
Chromebook Sales Expanding Despite Tablet-Leaning Market – ReadWrite

Developing on a Chromebook with Codenvy — Google Developers

Meet "Bolt" Another Haswell Based Chromebook (May be Touch Screen and 4GB RAM) - Chrome Story

It's very clear that ChromeOS (and Android) will be big this Holiday Season.
Amazon Begins Preps For Chrome Notebook Sales | Chrome OS Site

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