Friday, June 14, 2013

ARM and Intel News

Snapdragon 800-based Galaxy S4 shows up, breaking benchmark records

This next article is mostly about power usage... and the CloverTrail+ chip probably is significantly better than the competition, however it is probably wrong about performance. The Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4 probably have significantly better performance.  That said, it does raise hopes for Bay Trail... performance will be good enough and battery life may be significantly better than the ARM competition. I wish these companies would let the appropriate bloggers get their hands on these chips so we could get proper testing done!
Intel CloverTrail+ processor mops the floor with its competitors

Is Intel finally ready to take on its ARM rivals?

Intel claims Silvermont processor outshines ARM's top chip

Intel desktop roadmap for H2 2013 and H1 2014

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