Friday, June 14, 2013

Apple WWDC 2013 - Epilog

Ok, we have all had time to digest WWDC, so there is a lot of news...

Oddly, the best feature round up I could find comes from Android Authority. Many Mac sites covered all the features, but tended to have multiple articles. This is a good summary article:
iOS 7 unveiled, includes new UI and features – all you need to know

Apple quite literally bragged about their innovation in the new Mac Pro, but in truth, they greatly limited its expandability, making it useless for nearly everyone. In short, it shows that Apple really has forgotten how to innovate.
Who Will Buy Apple's Shiny New Mac Pro?

This article shows that I was right, the bulk of the Air's Battery Life is not from Apple, but from the Haswell chip (this is a special low-power, lesser peforming chip mind you) and from some extra room they made for more battery:
Teardown of Apple's new 11" MacBook Air finds smaller SSD module, tweaked battery

Well, MacWorld says that the new Siri isn't as good as I suggested it was:
Siri in iOS 7: Apple still playing catch up with Google, but moving aggressively

This means that Apple and Microsoft are now using the same underlying network filesystem protocol:

Many sources were expressing shock and dismay over what was unveiled at WWDC. This was apparently true on most of the Apple blogs as well, though I only follow a few. They only people I found pleased with the new design is a few designers.

What do you think of iOS7?

Has Apple Been Feeling a Bit Insecure Lately?

Apple Realizing There Is No Sanctity With The iPhone

Magpie Apple plunders the competition for cosmetics, as egos run wild

Apple may have finally figured out what they are

NFC Stands For Nobody F****** Cares And Apple Gets That

Cupertino’s photocopiers: What iOS 7 borrowed from Android

Even AppleInsider hedges: iOS 7 design changes remain in flux, likely to see major revisions before release

All-in-all I think my report was rather tame and generally my first impressions were right, expect possibly about Siri.

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