Saturday, June 29, 2013

Apple News

Apple Insider is getting increasingly bitter. The reason is not hard to understand... people not inside the Apple "unreality field" see that Apple is dwindling; Apple Insider is in major denial. The title of this next article is very misleading, it is really a first-order, anti-Android rant.
Editorial: Can Apple survive 2013?

A really thoughtful article:
The five reasons why Android is killing Apple

Yet another sign Apple is losing it:
Apple’s TV Commercials Touting Company Values Flop With Viewers

The one piece of positive news I could find for Apple:
Apple Inc details enterprise features in iOS 7

Apple to cut iPhone orders for rest of year, claims analyst

Phone users: Will you take the smartphone vs toilet challenge?
Sony's Apple Killer: A Smartphone That Can Be Dropped Down The Toilet

Is iOS 7 Buying Time For Apple, Or Stealing Time From Android?

iOS 7 for iPad First Impressions: Messing With the Best

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