Saturday, May 25, 2013

Google already ruling the world?

There is a huge amount of Google News this week. I've broken it up into 4 different posts, but the lists are still too long. I've worked in the computing field for 30 years - never before have I seen the rate of innovation that Google is currently maintaining.

Last week, I reported on the huge announcements by Google at Google I/O that seemed have been missed by the trade press entirely.

Well this week, Kevin C. Tofel writing for GigaOM proves he's not asleep:
How Google plans to rule the computing world through Chrome

This is the most important news from Google, probably ever!

Here is a summary of what is going on:

  • Google is making it so that all desktop versions of Chrome will allow the installation of "Chrome Apps" from the Chrome Web Store that will act and appear as normal desktop apps.
  • This is cross-platform, working on MacOS, Linux, Windows and ChromeOS (Chromebooks).
  • These will be the "native" apps for Chromebooks.
  • Chrome Apps by default work offline.
  • Chrome Apps sync their preferences and data such that you can work on one system, then switch to another and start right where you left off.
  • They intend to make this work for Android and iOS and possibly other mobile platforms as well.
  • Chrome Apps will be rolled out to accompany all of the new Chromebooks and Android laptops/tablets coming out later this year.
  • The rollout is expected to begin in July.
  • For more information see my post from last week's Google I/O.

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