Thursday, May 30, 2013

Android News

"Stock Google" Phone News:

How Google Is Finally Fixing Android's Deepest Flaw

HTC One with stock Android coming June 26th for $599 (updated)

Android Device News:

Samsung, Google to scale back giant screen sizes on new Android phones

An app that specializes in finding tablet apps:
Tablified Market Finds the Best Android Tablet Apps

I expect numerous devices like this with in a year:
Wandboard's Android, Linux-friendly mini PC now available in quad-core

This next device is one of the more powerful inexpensive stick PCs:
Tronsmart MK908 gets Android 4.2 firmware (and custom ROM)

Read the headline twice... $40!
Sunnycube introduces a $40 dual-core Android tablet

Google Glass News:

Well, you new it would happen sooner or later:
MiKandi making Google Glass porn, app imminent

Google Glass Competitors:

Microsoft, Samsung to do glasses, prices to range from $200 to $500

Atheer’s Augmented Reality Glasses Tech Looks Cool

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