Thursday, May 30, 2013

Android News

"Stock Google" Phone News:

How Google Is Finally Fixing Android's Deepest Flaw

HTC One with stock Android coming June 26th for $599 (updated)

Android Device News:

Samsung, Google to scale back giant screen sizes on new Android phones

An app that specializes in finding tablet apps:
Tablified Market Finds the Best Android Tablet Apps

I expect numerous devices like this with in a year:
Wandboard's Android, Linux-friendly mini PC now available in quad-core

This next device is one of the more powerful inexpensive stick PCs:
Tronsmart MK908 gets Android 4.2 firmware (and custom ROM)

Read the headline twice... $40!
Sunnycube introduces a $40 dual-core Android tablet

Google Glass News:

Well, you new it would happen sooner or later:
MiKandi making Google Glass porn, app imminent

Google Glass Competitors:

Microsoft, Samsung to do glasses, prices to range from $200 to $500

Atheer’s Augmented Reality Glasses Tech Looks Cool

Chrome and ChromeOS News

Getting Started With Your Chromebook - A Free Ebook

There was some evidence to support these next two articles at Google I/O 2013, but I think its timescale is too aggressive:
Google Likely to Replace Android With Chrome

Google Replacing Android With Chrome OS: ‘Chromephones’ and ‘Chromepads’ Launching 2014

General Industry News

Five Industry Flame Wars No One Cares About Anymore – ReadWrite

Tablets Killing Desktops Faster Than Ever – ReadWrite

IDC: Server market revenue down 7.7 percent in first quarter | PCWorld

Intel News

It's really all good news this time:

Deep inside Intel's new ARM killer: Silvermont • The Register

Intel: Our next chips will bust the ARM "myth" | CITEworld

Intel finally fixes their graphics problems | SemiAccurate

Intel's Haswell launch may take backseat to Atom vs. ARM | ZDNet

Non-Android Linux and Open Source News

I liked many of the packages listed here:
Best Linux software - Digital Trends

Raspberry Pi gets 'Pidora' optimised Fedora remix

The guy who created MySql's take on the state of open source:
Open source: Its true cost and where it's going awry by Monty Widenius

It's just funny to see Bob Muglia pushing Linux:
Former Microsoft Exec Embraces Linux for Networking Software

This is a interesting FreeBSD-based NAS:
Turn an Old Computer Into a Do-Anything Home Server with FreeNAS 8

I think Tizen and FirefoxOS will be the number 3 and 4 mobile OSes soon.
Wary of iOS-Android duopoly, LG & Foxconn turn to Firefox

My favorite desktop distribution has a new release:
Linux Mint 15 "Olivia" released

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Microsoft Xbox Catastrophe

I keep wanting to stop having negative Microsoft stories, but this is failure in a whole new area.

Xbox is rather successful with consumers, but Microsoft has to date not really made a profit with it. [The consoles are subsidized so that Microsoft loses money when they come out, but then makes money when people buy games... so far this cycle has generally led to a near zero profit.]

A few days ago I pointed out this story:
Xbox One: The Most Restrictive Game Console Ever Made

Now, Windows uber-pundit, Paul Thurrott writes:
It’s very possible that the Xbox One, by trying to be all things to all people, will simply be yet another Windows 8. And that is not what Microsoft needs right now.
See his whole article here: What if Xbox One is Another Windows 8?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Google Service News

Google Plus Photos limit upped to 15GB for Auto Backup with new features

Not Just Another Notes App: Why You Should Use Google Keep

Now you can scan documents to Google Drive using your phone - Liliputing

Talk to your browser! Voice search included in latest Chrome update - Android Authority

Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Amazon vs. Skydrive: Which One Is Fastest? – ReadWrite

Google Wallet is taking over for Checkout - Android Authority

Google's Flirtation With Being A Hardware Company Is Over – ReadWrite

You might want to compare this next article with my article: Are Google or Any Cloud Based Products Trustworthy?
Your Cloud Provider Is Toast. Now What? – ReadWrite

Why Google gets so much credit

Now you can upload your own books to Google Books, read anywhere - Liliputing

Down with file attachments! Hail to the Google Docs API update | Application Development - InfoWorld

What I learned using only Google products - Computerworld

Video: Testing Out Google’s Conversational Search in Chrome – Droid Life

Android News

Sorry there is so much... but I've cut and cut... there's just a lot of news.

Of particular importance are these two articles:

Cheap Hisense Sero 7 LT and Sero 7 PRO tablets out at Walmart

VOYO A15 tablet packs an 11.6 inch screen, Exynos 5250 processor
These offer tablets very similar to the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 for $149 and $228 respectively.
They are clearly superior to the iPad mini ($329) and the iPad 2 ($399) [Apple's biggest selling tablets].
The eleven inch tablet is competitive with the iPad 4.
Apple clearly needs to rethink its pricing or it may be a grim holiday season.

Agent smartwatch hopes to take on the Pebble

Making Android Pay: 5 Tips To Topping The Charts On Google Play

A smoother Drive app for Android | Google Drive Blog

HP's Android-powered SlateBook x2 is a Transformer series competitor

Android has become a hedge against Microsoft and Windows

Recon Jet goes up against Google Glass, aimed at outdoorsy crowd

Unity adds free mobile game development for Android and iOS | PCWorld

Ultra fast Tegra 4i shown off at CTIA in Las Vegas - Android Authority

DailyTech - High School Student Creates 20-Second Cell Phone Charger

How Google Is Wooing Developers To Make Apps For Android First – ReadWrite

Is the Samsung Galaxy Mega coming to AT&T? - Android Authority

Tronsmart MK908 quad-core Android TV stick performance (video) - Liliputing Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner for PC and Mac (PA03656-B005): Computers & Accessories

Making Android Pay For Developers: Checking Out The New Tools In Google Play – ReadWrite

Android Dramatically Extends Lead With Open Source Developers – ReadWrite

Chrome and Chromebook News

Google Is Prepping A Sneak Attack On Microsoft Office – ReadWrite

Chrome 27 arrives with 5% faster page loads, File System API to save and synchronize data on Drive, and more - The Next Web

Maybe the Point of Chromebooks Isn’t Chromebooks |

Check out the new Acer C710-2487 Chromebook | Geek with Laptop

$199 Acer C7 Chromebook with 16GB SSD coming soon - Liliputing

Review: HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook • The Register

The Awesome New Technology That You'll See on the Web This Year

What is Google planning with Chrome? - Android Authority

Apple claiming Google Now infringes on Siri patents - Android Community

Google launches Portable Native Client for cross-platform web apps - Liliputing

Chrome for Mac Gets Rich Notifications With Action Buttons and Apps Menu - Chrome Story

"Peppy" Another Chromebook with Intel Haswell Chip Shows Up in Chrome OS Code - Chrome Story

Google Chrome Browser Keeps Winning Converts: 10 Reasons Why

SAP Says Their Latest Web Apps Are Optimized For Chrome

Google already ruling the world?

There is a huge amount of Google News this week. I've broken it up into 4 different posts, but the lists are still too long. I've worked in the computing field for 30 years - never before have I seen the rate of innovation that Google is currently maintaining.

Last week, I reported on the huge announcements by Google at Google I/O that seemed have been missed by the trade press entirely.

Well this week, Kevin C. Tofel writing for GigaOM proves he's not asleep:
How Google plans to rule the computing world through Chrome

This is the most important news from Google, probably ever!

Here is a summary of what is going on:

Non-Android Linux News

Linux Mint is my favorite desktop Linux distribution.
Mint 15: Today's best Linux desktop (Review) | ZDNet

Can gaming be the turning point for Linux on the desktop? | News | TechRadar

Wow an actual Linux Laptop... I cannot wait for Bay Trail, then I can have one with no fan!
Asus 1015E 10 inch notebook with Ubuntu coming soon for around $215 - Liliputing

Logitech Adds 'Linux Compatible' Option to Product Site; Sign of Good Things to Come? - HotHardware

Tizen is the new mobile OS from Samsung and Intel. I expect it to become the number 3 mobile OS in the next year or so [displacing Windows 8 Phone and Blackberry 10]. Tizen, like Android, works on more than just phone and tablets.
Unity adding Tizen Linux support | Game Development | News by Develop

Tizen Linux demo on an ultrabook (video) - Liliputing

Miscellaneous News

The Windows Kernel's Achilles' Heel

I have always found this "feature" of Windows annoying. In fact, I once had a Windows 7 laptop eat itself because I had no choice but to close it before it was finished updating. It is incredibly rude that Microsoft does this at all.
Stop Windows from Restarting Your Computer After Updates

This would work for many other similar things as well.
Make a MacBook Dock with Sugru and a Few Cables

Windows 8 Users Don't Use Metro Apps

What to Look for in an Ergonomic Office Chair

Xbox One: The Most Restrictive Game Console Ever Made

Math-o-mir: write mathematical equations on your PC

I don't normally cover new PC's but HP is looking unusually innovative with these new items:
HP Envy Rove is a 20 inch desktop PC that's also a 12 pound tablet

HP redesigns Envy and Pavilion laptops for 2013, including one with a 3200 x 1800 screen

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

Not one of the articles below were intended to be funny, though some are worth a chuckle anyway.

This evokes the question: Has anyone called out for pizza delivery from the International Space Station?
3D Food Printer Could Sustain Long-Distance Space Explorers

The Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game as spectator sport:
Get Ready for e-Sports

U.N. Urges Eating Insects; 8 Popular Bugs to Try

Apple is a strange place:
Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader

Use These Secret NSA Google Search Tips to Become Your Own Spy Agency

For only $2,200 you can show those iPhone users that they are not the only one who can spend too much on a phone!
Samsung Galaxy S4 in gold!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Google I/O 2013 - What the Trade Press Missed

In many ways, the thing I found most interesting about Google I/O 2013 was how little the trade press understood what Google was doing. If one looks at the developer sessions, what was stressed, and the fact that the only announcement we should expect "later this year" would be about Chrome/Chromebooks, it is kind of clear where Google wanted developers to head.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Google I/O 2013 - What the Trade Press Understood

Google I/O 2013 was much more developer oriented this year. This caught the trade press off guard and they seem to have missed some of the most important things. They did however pick up on the numerous small announcements that were made there. Google announced 900 million Android activations and 48 billion app downloads. I've divided the relevant links into Consumer and Developer announcements:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Linux and Open Source News

KickStarter project to make a documentary about Open Source:
History of Linux: Time For Open Source Documentary

Two articles about a study of software quality:
Study: Open Source Delivers Superior Quality... Up To A Point

Linux code is the 'benchmark of quality,' study concludes

Linux Mint is my favorite Linux desktop distribution:
How Mighty Mint became one of the most popular Linux distros

Feature set of Linux 3.10 defined

What Are The Major Changes That Android Made To The Linux Kernel?

International Space Station now using Linux instead of Windows:
Penguins in spa-a-a-ce! ISS dumps Windows for Linux on laptops

How An Open Source Operating System Jumpstarted Robotics Research

Google News - Pre I/O

Google I/O starts tomorrow!
Here's a link for live coverage:
Official Blog: We’re going live from Google I/O

The AndroVM blog has an intriguing post (says there will be a big announcment at I/O):
Big announcement to come
(These are the people that make an Android VM for you to run anywhere you can run Virtual Box.)

Tomorrow, there will be a ton of new Google news... here are some items I've been holding that I don't want to get lost in the deluge.

If you like Google Now... here's a cool list of commands:
Google Now Voice Commands

Adobe has apparently made a killer app for Android:
Adobe Photoshop Touch Is Almost Picture Perfect

Google to make 2-step verification mandatory

Google Cloud Messaging Comes to Chrome and Chrome OS, Brings Push Notifications

Bluetooth On Chrome OS Now Supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)

"Text" - A Simple Text Editor for Chrome and Chrome OS - Runs Offline, and Has Syntax Highlighting

Nvidia Raises Its Shield

I think I sent this device in a different article some time ago... it is still cool though:
Who Needs a Watch When Your Phone Has Two Screens?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Less Microsoft and Apple Coverage

Microsoft and Apple are now considerably less relevant to the future of Computing than when I started this blog six months ago. The "news" is consistently about what they are doing badly and is generally boring...

Let me give you some examples:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Intel News (Silvermont)

Intel announced its Silvermont line of chips today. This is the line where the soon to ship Bay Trail chips will come from. They look to be on track to ship chips that have lower power usage and similar performance to the highest end ARM chips. They are promising pricing that should make them competitive to ARM.

Here are three articles that cover this news:

Intel launches the 22nm Silvermont Atom core

Intel Silvermont Architecture: Does This Atom Change It All? : Can Silvermont Take Atom From Zero To Hero?

Intel’s Silvermont Architecture Revealed: Getting Serious About Mobile

Google Glass News

The first two contain basic information about Google Glass, the video is useful to get a feel for what they are like to use.
Google Glass: What You Can and Can't Do With Google's Wearable Gadget

Google Glass 'getting started' video

This is a review of Google Glass.
Google Glass 'significant', privacy concerns 'just didn't show up,' says Robert Scoble

Ok, this looks like a cool usage, though the video itself is a bit icky sweet.
Google Glass Goes to Large Hadron Collider

These next three articles show that not everyone is happy about Google Glass:

Google Glass made fun of in latest Saturday Night Live show

Google Glass: Obnoxious and invasive at any price

The White House petition to ban Google Glass is here

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

Amazingly wasteful thing to do:
Microsoft Includes Free Disposable Wifi Router In Forbes Magazine

Microsoft job ads for engineers show body-double plans

Really, you can make your own!
Here's A Replica Of Thor's Hammer That Fires 80,000 Volts

Iron Penguin: First open-source "Iron Man" suit within reach?

Extreme Galaxy S4 teardown performed with .50 caliber bullet

Linux News

Google-oriented Linux distribution:
Peppermint OS Three: The real-deal desktop cloud Linux

Picuntu home://io for RK3066 TV sticks makes installing Linux easy(ish)

The Linux desktop is already the new normal

ChromeOS News

Watch out, Windows. Here's Chromebooks for kiosks | Internet & Media - CNET News

Chrome OS dev channel brings a virtual keyboard for touchscreen devices - Liliputing

Google bares Chrome's Trojan strategy with native-style packaged apps - Computerworld

Wave of freshly minted Chromebooks to arrive later this year - TechSpot

Android News

Android now has over 56% of the world-wide tablet market.
Note, this is the TABLET market. Apple lost the smartphone market long ago.
Apple dropped below 40%. If Apple doesn't make cheaper devices soon, their days could be numbered.
IDC: Android tablets have overtaken Apple's marketshare

HP may possibly have an Android laptop and all-in-one in the works.
Tegra 4-powered HP SlateBook 10 X2 shows up in AnTuTu Benchmark

Barnes & Noble adds Google Play store to its tablets

Samsung and Intel bet big on tech that listens to everything you say

Is Google Getting Serious About Gaming? Noah Falstein Hired As Chief Game Designer

LibreOffice for Android now available for download in Pre-Alpha form

BeagleBone Black is a $45 Android, Linux computer and hardware prototyping board