Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stubborn Microsoft is Killing PC Industry

Back in December, I wrote that Windows 8 was killing the PC industry.

In February, the sales numbers from 4Q12 showed clearly that Windows 8 was the problem.

In March, I wondered when investors would lose confidence in Microsoft.

Well, the numbers for 1Q13 are in and both IDC and Gartner are finally laying blame where it belongs: Microsoft's Windows 8. IDC and Gartner behave a lot like investment advisors... by the time they tell you to sell, it is much too late.

Summary: in 1Q13, PC industry sales are down (from 1Q12) 12.5% (IDC says 11%, Gartner 14%).

Here are a few places covering the numbers in depth:

This is Windows Pundit, Paul Thurrott's take:
PC Sales Tank Again in Q1 2013 | Windows 8 content from Windows IT Pro
He covers it clearly and plainly with no attempt to make excuses for Microsoft.

Here is Apple Insider talk about Apple not doing that well either:
IDC: PC shipments see steepest quarterly decline ever, Apple drops 7.5%

A few more to give you an idea of the headlines being generated:
PCs hit by an ugly quarterly drop as Windows 8 flops | Business Tech - CNET News

Windows 8 Stabs The PC Market In The Gut – ReadWrite

Gartner May Be Too Scared To Say It, But the PC Is Dead – ReadWrite

For the sake of the rest of the industry, Microsoft simply must back off its stubborn insistence on forcing everybody to use a [not particularly good] touch interface on every system it makes. [They even force the touch interface on servers! What word, other than "insane", could describe this?]

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