Friday, April 12, 2013

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

We mentioned this one before during CES, but Ars Technica actually fired one of these:
Bullseye from 1,000 yards: Shooting the $17,000 Linux-powered rifle

Holy Crap, Is This Mark Zuckerberg's Embarrassing Childhood Angelfire Website?

Don't panic, this one's just a joke:
North Korean Missile Test Delayed by Windows 8

Sadly, this one is not a joke:
Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet

Flying iPad lodges in woman's bumper?

This one is serious, but, where do you draw the line?
My iPhone Supports Gay Marriage. Does Yours?

Iranian scientist claims to have invented 'time machine'

These folks clearly need to buy the $17,000 Linux rifle to go with the car...
Lamborghini Aventador Police Car in Dubai Not for Pursuit, Show and Tell of ‘How Classy Dubai is’

Another one you really wish was a joke:
Hacker demonstrates how to hijack an airplane using an Android app

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