Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Microsoft, Still Not Doing Anything Right

The company that wants to replace Amazon in Cloud Computing has had substantial pieces of Xbox LIVE down for over 3 days.
Xbox LIVE is currently down, Microsoft is working hard to fix it

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols saying game over for Windows 8, and really maybe for Windows period:
Windows: It's over

There is a debate going on between Windows Pundits about whether or not the desktop will go away. Paul Thurrott says yes, Mary Jo Foley says the start button is coming back. This is sjvn on the matter. It shows how little of substance is happening in the Microsoft world.
No Windows desktop mode!? No!

This is actually a good question. I would like to broaden it. For most general purposes do we really need office suites [like Microsoft Office or LibreOffice] at all? I'm not saying those programs do not have a place, but most people really do not need that kind of complexity -- even in business. I think such software is in need of a major rethink.
Tell me again why we need Office on the iPad?

More signs that the mighty has fallen:
Microsoft withdraws KB 2823324, second botched automatic update this year

Microsoft being pathetic about platforms that want people to believe they are competing with:
Microsoft's Terry Myerson calls Android "a mess"

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