Monday, April 22, 2013

Microsoft News

PC Makers: Microsoft Is 'Destroying' The PC Market - Business Insider

Microsoft’s new strategy: Pray

IBM may be going to sell its x86 server business to Lenovo (just as it did with its PC business several years ago).
IBM's potential x86 server sale to Lenovo highlights oncoming train | ZDNet

Microsoft released earnings last week. You may have seen headlines like "Windows 8 sales lead to 19% profit increase". Nothing could be further from the truth. Pull out deferred earnings and Windows was flat. Pull out the fear-induced upgrades (Microsoft raised the price on upgrading to Windows 8 from $40 to $199) and Windows would be down substantially. Not all reporters got this wrong though... here are a few that got it right:
Don't be fooled by Microsoft's earning report about Windows growth | Computerworld Blogs

The Microsoft number we all want to know: Windows 8 sales to date | ZDNet

Microsoft earnings: Windows wasn’t as bad as expected but it wasn’t good either — Tech News and Analysis

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