Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Google Glass News

Google Glass specs revealed, offers 16GB of storage and 5MP camera

Mirror API for Google Glass released

Google Glass web-based setup page and MyGlass app available now

This is a great introduction to Google Glass programming:
Google Glassware: How Developers Can Build Apps For Google Glass

I disagree with this idea. Google Glass is more like the Palm Pilot that the iPad. The Palm Pilot made techies happy because it was cool, but the necessary hardware and integration with other computing was barely there. In the end it just was not all that useful. Google Glass is likely to be like that. Barely doable at this point. Undoubtedly cool, but probably not all that useful at this point in time. Especially if you look at cost relative to the benefit. I do hope I'm wrong, but I've seen many things like this come and go over the years.
10 things about Google Glass: Could this be Google's iPad?

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