Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Developer News

The last week or so had a number of articles for developers.

The term "Glasshole" was unveiled. It kind of amazes me how much emotion Google Glass seems to invoke.

Google Glass retail launch still a year away | Android and Me

Google Glass and the emerging Glasshole culture | ZDNet

There are two articles questioning the future of smartphones. Oddly, this question came up in my own life this week. I was playing with NFC and found it is nearly useless because of the need for a PIN on my phone. The fact that your phone has access to your entire digital life means it is much less useful for quick uses like NFC or utility apps. It makes me wonder if one doesn't need two or more different devices. Certainly security partitioning as it exists (i.e. you put in a PIN then get access to everything) is wrong. For many things one needs instant access, but for others it should be relatively hard (i.e. deletion of all data on your Google Drive should be rather hard to accomplish).

The End Of The Smartphone Era Is Coming - Business Insider

Are Smartphones On Their Way Out? | Enterprise Mobile Hub

Learning to code was a popular topic:

There's A Boom In Teaching People How To Code – ReadWrite

Should kids be taught to program? | ZDNet

Kodable Teaches Kids To Code Before They Learn To Read – ReadWrite

And a number harder to classify:

Planned Facebook Ads Go Big But Less Social — And Users Will Hate Them – ReadWrite

Do Consumers Really Want Touch? | TechCrunch

No-cost desktop software development is dead on Windows 8 | Ars Technica

Why is everyone making a smartwatch? - Android Authority

[APK Teardown] Google Games, Anyone? Play Services Is Getting Real-Time And Turn-Based Multiplayer, Invitations, In-Game Chat, Lobbies, Leaderboards, And Achievements!

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