Friday, April 12, 2013

Can Microsoft do Anything Right?

Lots of bad Microsoft news this week. The stock is plunging, but not nearly as much as it will if they miss earnings on Thursday.

The Real Reason Windows Phone Is Failing – ReadWrite

Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle make gratuitous attacks on Android:
Europe Receives Complaint About Google’s Android -

Opinion: Antitrust complaint against Android is an attack on open source | Ars Technica

Why Game Developers Are Flocking to Sony and Fleeing From Microsoft | Game|Life |

Microsoft is not going to have an iOS or Android Office version until late 2014.
Ballmer's Latest Blunder: No Office For iOS And Android Till 2014 – ReadWrite

Who needs MS Office for iOS and Android? CloudOn's here now | Microsoft - CNET News

Microsoft is apparently planning new sizes of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone devices. There are like 2 dozen articles about this, most taking the position that this is great news for Windows 8 and might help adoption. The thing that puzzles me is why anyone thinks this will help? Bad UI and no apps, do not get better because the screen gets smaller. Microsoft is still getting a large cut, making it difficult for OEMs to compete at the same price point. In short, nothing has really changed. This Mary Jo Foley article does a good job pointing out inconsistancies in Microsoft's statements...
Meeting in the middle: How Microsoft will enable mini Surfaces and maxi Win Phones | ZDNet

Microsoft has no fast Windows fixes as PC sales crater | ZDNet

Microsoft Is Rapidly Approaching a Critical Crossroad Apple Faced Years Ago - Digits - WSJ

HEARD ON THE STREET: Microsoft Can't Keep Up in a Mobile World -

I did not realize how bad it was until I read this... Google Docs is relatively amazing:
Collaboration in Microsoft Office: Painful but not impossible | PCWorld

The death of Windows XP: It's your permission to go Chromebook, tablet, Linux, whatever | ZDNet

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