Saturday, April 27, 2013

Android News

The main part of the report does not include information about "white-box" tablets (i.e. those great selling, mostly Chinese tablets that sell so well on Amazon).
With those included, market share is: Android 52%, iOS 41% and interestingly, 7% for Windows 8.
Looking on Amazon, the Windows 8 usage seems to come from x86 tablet/laptop hybrids. Apparently there is a niche market for people that want tablet/"real" Windows functionality in one device.
Global Android tablet shipments increase 177%

Google outlaws Android app updates that don't come from its Play store

Despite International Expansion, Amazon's Appstore Will Struggle To Compete

HP Slate 7 now available for $170

World First: Braille Smartphone in the works

Report: Smartphone Shipments Overtake Feature Phones for First Time

Samsung Electronics profits grow 42% on strength of smartphone sales

$200 Intel-based Android notebooks confirmed by chip maker

Android Laptops? They Must be Mad

Google adds screen rotation to Chrome... does that mean Chrome OS tablets are coming?

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