Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tablet Musings

Theses articles are about the role of tablets and speculation as to what degree they are a fad.

What Do You Use Your Tablet For?

I Can't Find a Single Productive Use For My Tablet [Opinion]

MakeUseOf Experiments: Going Tablet-Only For a Week & Staying Productive

In my own case, I use a 10" tablet to play games, a 7" tablet to read books. Both are used occasionally to check email or browse the web, but I MUCH prefer to use a Chromebook to do either task. I also blog from a Chromebook. I read news from Chromebook, smartphone and tablet (in order of frequency).

So, how about clicking through and leaving a comment?

What do you do with a tablet?
To what degree are they a fad?
Have you ever used a lightweight, no-Fan laptop like the Samsung ARM-based Chromebook?

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  1. I agree with you, Brian - I use a 7" tablet for reading and viewing short videos, maybe posting short items to social media services, but I prefer a more interactive experience with a Chromebook or even on at my desk via laptop/Chromebook. I have a 10" tablet, and I use it in the same way as the 7" tablet - as a "consumption-mainly" device, but less frequently.


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