Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mobile News

Sapphire Could Replace Gorilla Glass in the iPhone and other Smartphones | MIT Technology Review

This is a discussion of why PhoneGap doesn't really work as a solution for multiple phone platform development:
Here's why HTML-based apps don't work | ZDNet
I know every time I looked at using PhoneGap, missing features stopped me.

Interesting article about Chinese smartphone OS's you probably have never heard of.. yet?
China's Hammer Technologies launches Smartisan OS for smartphones - Liliputing

HP develops next-gen 3D mobile display, no glasses required

BlackBerry Says 80% Of BB10 Apps Are Native - Development - Mobility

Many of the smart phone new comer OSes have Android compatitibility.
Is The Only Way To Beat Android To Use Android? - Forbes

IDC predicts tablet shipments to surpass laptops by 2014 - Liliputing

Yes, Eric Schmidt uses a BlackBerry. Personally, I think it's great that Google has people using all the platforms. Microsoft and Apple suffer from fairly bad tunnel vision because they do not do this.
Eric Schmidt still loves his BlackBerry - Android Authority

Best Buy to give Samsung Apple-esque in-store mini-stores

InMobi App Publish lets you distribute your app across 130+ app stores

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