Thursday, March 21, 2013

Microsoft, Apple News

Google Is Driving Apple and Microsoft Crazy


Samsung's new co-CEO: 'Windows isn't selling very well'

Samsung’s JK Shin: Windows Phones are not selling well

Microsoft is paying developers $100 per app, max $2000 to develop for Windows.
I'm willing to do "Hello, World!", "Hello, Galaxy!", "Hello, Universe!", ...
Seriously though, just what does Microsoft expect from this offer?
Paying Developers to Support Windows 8 is a Slippery Slope

This is probably good news for Linux:
First-tier vendors to supply more notebook models with no OS

This sort of article has increasingly been popping up in non-tech publications:
Tired of broken Windows? Try Linux | Washington Times Communities

I don't usually cover enterprise stuff, but Lync is an unusually good product:
Why I love Lync 2013: A telecommuter's dream come true

The fact they can charge more for a discontinued Office 2010, says a lot about Office 2013:
Microsoft discontinues Office 2010 sales, some retailers jack up prices


Developers prefer Apple's iOS Maps SDK over Google Maps

Apple's iOS: In desperate need of a facelift

New 'Why iPhone' section of Apple's web site touts smartphone superiority

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