Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cloud News

As it tends to be more Enterprise related, I do not cover this area very much. However, there have been recent developments in the world of open source cloud computing that you might want to know about.

In the paid world of Cloud Computing, #1 is Amazon Web Services, then way down the percentage list, Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine, then many others with even smaller pieces. This is the public cloud. But taking off is the private cloud. Microsoft is trying to be a player here, but the open source cloud appears that it will be the winner. Some major companies are using the software to make public cloud offerings (HP, Rackspace).

A quick synopsis (as best as I understand things):

There are two main contenders:
OpenStack backed by many major corporations: HP, RackSpace, etc.
Now there is CloudStack, originally owned by Citrix, but released a while ago to Apache and has just been made a top-level Apache project.

They both seems to have some degree of compatibility with AWS.

The first article gives some history:
OpenStack vs. CloudStack: The beginning of the open-source cloud wars | ZDNet

CloudStack graduates from incubator, receives 'top-level' status | ZDNet

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One thing that seems certain to me is that AWS compatibility is becoming more and more important. This is not good news for Microsoft or Google.

If someone out there knows enough to say something intelligent about the features of OpenStack vs CloudStack and how they relate to AWS, I'd love to hear it!

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