Thursday, March 14, 2013

Android News (Lots, Important)

Android News is complicated today...

ChromeOS and Android going to Merge?

There is something going on that will be huge news in early May. Somehow the relationship between Android and ChromeOS is changing. My guess is a native client version of Android, but there are many other possibilities. Sometimes Google is better than Apple at hype.

Andy Rubin is leaving Android... but for what?

With Sundar Pichai in charge, Google signals Android apps on Chrome OS

Andy Rubin, Android's founder, leaves project

Android plus Chrome OS equals Google's future operating system

Device News

This is what XBMC looks like on the $99 Ouya game console (and it looks good)

Google Seen Passing Apple in Tablets as IPad Loses Ground

First Android TV sticks with Rockchip RK3188 quad-core processors arrive

Oh, in case you have been inundated yet, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has released:
Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs
I watched the unboxing event... don't do that it was awful... but WOW, the phone looks terrific. Will be interesting to see the reviews.

Apps News

Google is booting ad blockers from the Play Store, Android

The Surprising Numbers Behind Apps

Why is Facebook never entirely trustworthy?
Facebook pushes Android update to enable silent updates (bypassing the Play Store)

LibreOffice Viewer “frustratingly close” to an Android release

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