Sunday, February 24, 2013

MWC News (Android and Chips)

If you don't know what Mobile World Congress is, think CES, but in Europe and more smartphone oriented.


Finally, an iPod touch competitor: Coby introduces an $81 Android mini-tablet with a 4.3 inch screen.
Alas, it does not have the Google Play Store on it.

It's good to see HP finally doing something competitive in the Post-PC world:
Hewlett-Packard to make $169 tablet using Google’s Android software, eschewing Windows

This link contains the full HP PR text:
HP Slate 7 Android tablet rocks Beats, $169 price tag; due out in April

And this one talks about HP's future plans:
HP building multiple tablets this year: 'we want to be the number one computer vendor'

The title pretty much says the whole store:
Firefox OS Hits The Ground Running With Phones From Telefonica, T-Mobile, Firefox Marketplace For Apps; 18 Carriers In All Signed Up For Mozilla’s Open Web Effort

I'm looking forward to more details about this one, sounds nice:
Samsung's HomeSync 1TB Android-based media server streams apps to your TV, keeps your data in sync

Will definitely take a look at this one when it ships (though I want a wifi-only one):
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is an Android tablet that's also a huge phone


Out of ARM's way, Brit chip juggernaut runs over analysts again

Tegra 4 benchmarked... wow!

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