Sunday, February 24, 2013

Microsoft; More Bad News

Good news for Microsoft seems rather hard to come by these days. I thought maybe it was just me... I mean I admit I've got negative feelings toward Microsoft. But even the Windows faithful are not pleased. Consider this article from Windows pundit Paul Thurrott: Feeling Blue: Microsoft, You’re Releasing it Wrong. Basically he's come to the realization that Windows 8 is significantly flawed and that Microsoft is going to be very slow about fixing it. This has got to rough for him, he's the co-author of: Windows 8 Secrets.

I remember complaining to the Microsoft Developer Network about their atrocious web site (it lost my order for the second year in a row). At one point I wrote something like, "You cannot even run a simple web-based shopping cart, and you want me to do cloud development on Azure?". Well, have a look at this story: Microsoft's Azure service hit by expired SSL certificate. Several news sites are reporting that this has happened at least once before. SSL certificate expiration is anything but unexpected... how could they let this happen twice?  (Or even once?)

A general article about Microsoft malaise: Microsoft is sinking in a sea of Android.

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