Sunday, February 24, 2013

Important ChromeOS News

The coverage of the Chromebook Pixel often left out the most important news at the launch event. The Pixel itself is really not all that interesting... it is an overpriced demo of what might be commonplace a few years from now.

Here is the important story:
Google Ports Quickoffice To Chrome Using Native Client, Will Get Full Editing Features In About 3 Months | TechCrunch

It was commonly thought that Google would bring more desktop-like apps to Chromebooks by merging it with Android. This announcement (which occurred at the event that announced the Pixel), shows a different route.

This is extremely important. First it shows developers how to go about making apps that just are not practical in JavaScript. Second, it gives a real Microsoft Office compatible solution for Chromebooks and Chrome browsers in general. And finally, it showcases that Google really is fully behind Native Client. I cannot wait until Google I/O, as there is bound to be much more by then.

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