Friday, February 8, 2013

ChromeOS News

My guess about the "Chrome" Android is that they have a Native Client version of Android. This would mean that any Chrome browser could run Android apps.
Are Android apps for Chromebooks on the way?

Consensus is that HP's first Chromebook is less than desirable.
HP's First Chromebook: Big Screen, Little Else

Windows pundit Paul Thurott's made this rant about Chromebooks.
Microsoft’s PC Partners Continue to Seek Windows Alternatives
In the end his "solution" is that Microsoft should make it's own hardware... have you seen the new Microsoft Surface Pro? The depth of its bad design is breathtaking. Even he in his reviews has to struggle to find good things to say. How can he not see that Windows 8 is the problem?

This next item is almost certainly a hoax, the second article explains why. There were dozens of articles about this though, amazing, Chromebook news treated like the next iPhone news.
"Chromebook Pixel" with 4M Pixels, Designed By Google

The 'Chromebook Pixel'? Not so fast, bucko | Computerworld Blogs

This is a great list of Chromebook shortcuts... unfortunately not all that well organized, but I found several things I had not known before.
Google Chromebook - Tips To Master Chrome OS

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