Saturday, February 9, 2013

Android News

My guess about the "Chrome" Android is that they have a Native Client version of Android. This would mean that any Chrome browser could run Android apps.
Are Android apps for Chromebooks on the way?

This looks really convenient. I wish Google and Microsoft made it this easy.
Dropbox releases sync API for iOS and Android

So long as you only use a subset of API calls, putting your Android app on Blackberry 10 is as simple as repackaging it.
Android developers are going to love BlackBerry 10

Note: Intel powered, it's a shame it's such a low end chip though (significantly less than a Tegra 3).
Asus could be working on a cheap, Intel-powered Android tablet

Food for thought...
Could Android replace Windows?

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  1. This looks really convenient. Daniel I wish Google and Microsoft made it this easy.


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