Thursday, February 21, 2013

Android News

Android news is simply huge, you would not believe how many things I don't put here. If you have ideas about what you like to see most, or an idea of a better way of organizing the information, please leave a comment!

Like Apple's App Store, Google Play is too crowded and not very good a letting you do precision searching.
3 Top Android App Store Alternatives to Google Play | CIO Blogs

Musings on the future of Android
Where Next For Android?

Every developer should read this. I do not think it is completely true, but there does seem to be a definitely limit on how many consumption apps one person is willing to juggle.
Digital Diary (NYTimes): Are We Suffering From Mobile App Burnout?

I don't have personal experience, but have seen others say this is true:
Samsung Android: Better than Google's Android

An in depth look at Android's new Voice Recognition capability:
How Google Retooled Android With Help From Your Brain

Device News

CoolShip $89 PC-in-a-keyboard is an upgradeable Android computer

Nvidia announces Tegra 4i with integrated LTE, enabling awesome smartphones

Marvell announces PXA1088 quad-core SoC

Rumor: Galaxy S4 to be powered by Qualcomm chip, no Exynos version. But is that possible?

Jynxbox Android HD is an Android TV box designed to run XBMC

Androidly: the all-in-one smartwatch?

Asus and Acer to release more cheap Android tablets in 2013

Build a giant Android tablet (or kiosk) with an Android TV stick + touch frame

Quad-core gets cheap: $99 Cherry Mobile tablet hits the Philippines

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