Thursday, February 14, 2013

Android News (Lots)

Until now, HP was the only remaining PC OEM to not adopt Android in some fashion:
HP To Adopt Android For Upcoming Mobile Devices

Android apps run on: Android, MacOS, Windows 7, Blackberry 10, and now Windows 8:
BlueStacks brings Android apps to Microsoft Surface Pro

The Android app only works in conjunction with the Linux version:
LibreOffice hits version 4.0, adds an Android app for remote controlling presentations

Signs of dissatisfaction with Apple are growing:
4 Android devices beat Apple iPhone 5 in U.S. customer satisfaction

A cheap Android phone is now a good phone. Your move, Apple...

Singing the praises of Phablets:
Galaxy Note 2: Changing the way I use mobile tech

A different usage of Android:
Motorola Solutions intros AME 2000, an Android-based secure platform

Windows Phone 8 pundit, Paul Thurrott talking about Google Now:
Bad News, Windows Phone Fans: Google Now is the Real Deal

Nvidia running behind with Tegra 4 ship date:
Nvidia Tegra 4 to ship only in July, Shield to be released in September

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