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Sunday, February 24, 2013

MWC News (Android and Chips)

If you don't know what Mobile World Congress is, think CES, but in Europe and more smartphone oriented.

Important ChromeOS News

The coverage of the Chromebook Pixel often left out the most important news at the launch event. The Pixel itself is really not all that interesting... it is an overpriced demo of what might be commonplace a few years from now.

Microsoft; More Bad News

Good news for Microsoft seems rather hard to come by these days. I thought maybe it was just me... I mean I admit I've got negative feelings toward Microsoft. But even the Windows faithful are not pleased. Consider this article from Windows pundit Paul Thurrott: Feeling Blue: Microsoft, You’re Releasing it Wrong. Basically he's come to the realization that Windows 8 is significantly flawed and that Microsoft is going to be very slow about fixing it. This has got to rough for him, he's the co-author of: Windows 8 Secrets.

I remember complaining to the Microsoft Developer Network about their atrocious web site (it lost my order for the second year in a row). At one point I wrote something like, "You cannot even run a simple web-based shopping cart, and you want me to do cloud development on Azure?". Well, have a look at this story: Microsoft's Azure service hit by expired SSL certificate. Several news sites are reporting that this has happened at least once before. SSL certificate expiration is anything but unexpected... how could they let this happen twice?  (Or even once?)

A general article about Microsoft malaise: Microsoft is sinking in a sea of Android.

Added Tegra 4 Benchmark Result

I have added the NVIDIA Tegra 4 GeekBench result from PC Magazine to the Arm vs Intel Benchmarks page.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Android News

Android news is simply huge, you would not believe how many things I don't put here. If you have ideas about what you like to see most, or an idea of a better way of organizing the information, please leave a comment!

Like Apple's App Store, Google Play is too crowded and not very good a letting you do precision searching.
3 Top Android App Store Alternatives to Google Play | CIO Blogs

Non-Android, Linux Phone/Tablet News

I'm putting a break right here to see how many people are reading about these new OSs.
(I cannot see pageviews that come via RSS reading, so I have to put in a "jump break" to force a click-through.)

Chromebook Pixel is Real

Well the Chromebook Pixel is real, here is Google's announcement.

Here is a Register article with more details.

I feel it is seriously overpriced.

I'm glad they did announce it; Chromebook news has been running 10x higher than normal, with a terrible signal to noise ratio.

Linux Skills in Great Demand

This seems to pop up everywhere...

Hiring managers: “A good Linux-head is hard to find” | VentureBeat

Survey: Bosses are DESPERATE and GAGGING for Linux skills • The Register

DICE HOLDINGS, INC. : 2013 Linux Jobs Forecast: Pressing Need for Linux Talent | 4-Traders

Linux Professionals Receive Higher Salaries: Dice

Survey shows companies need Linux talent and they need it bad | ZDNet

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

These are oddball articles I run across as I monitor the news for this blog.

Chubby Checker App Lawsuit Filed Against HP For Penis Length Estimator

Carnival rescue bus breaks down while bringing passengers home

Russian Dash Cams Capture the Sublime, Seedy and Scary

U.S. Postal Service to launch new clothing line in 2014

This next is a cartoon... I cannot say what it is about without spoiling it.
The Joy of Tech :: Don't judge me.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Smartphone News

Gartner: Worldwide sales 4Q12: Android 69.7%, iOS 20.9%, Blackberry 3.5%, Windows Phone 3.0%
Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Declined 1.7 Percent in 2012

IDC: Worldwide sales 4Q12: Android 70.1, iOS 21.0%, Blackberry 3.0%, Windows Phone 2.6%
Android and iOS Combine for 91.1% of the Worldwide Smartphone OS Market in 4Q12 and 87.6% for the Year, According to IDC

Microsoft's mobile push may be too late

Android dominates Sprint's top 5 rated devices

Microsoft Office, Clearly Time to Replace It

The Problem:

Despite rampant price drops across the Software Industry, Microsoft wants to charge you more for Office. They are trying to force you into a subscription model.

Microsoft: Buy Office 365, Not Office 2013. Or You'll Be Sorry

Why Office 365 and Office 2013 may not be right for you

ChromeOS News

The Chromebook Pixel: is it a hoax?

Chromebook Pixel Existence Still a Mystery

'Chromebook Pixel': the Google PC we've been waiting for?

Chromebook Pixel (Google Link) to also support Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs and LTE connectivity, report says

My take is that the video was probably a hoax, but that something actually does exist. It is unclear precisely what that is though.

One things is certain, the Chromebook has finally captured the attention of the Trade Press:

Is Google getting Chromebooks ready to compete with Windows 8?

The potential of the Chromebook franchise

This is fascinating:

To get products into more hands, Google will open its own stores by the end of the year

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Android News (Lots)

Until now, HP was the only remaining PC OEM to not adopt Android in some fashion:
HP To Adopt Android For Upcoming Mobile Devices

Android apps run on: Android, MacOS, Windows 7, Blackberry 10, and now Windows 8:
BlueStacks brings Android apps to Microsoft Surface Pro

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Benchmarks Page

I've added a Benchmarks Page to the blog. It contains comparisons of current processors, both Intel and ARM. If there is one you would like to see added, just say in the comments below.

Over time I expect to add processors to the page and will leave a quick post on the blog saying what I've added.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

4Q2012 Numbers Show Microsoft is Truly Failing with Windows 8

We're starting to get real numbers from 4Q2012 and it is increasingly clear that Microsoft has failed with Windows 8. Bizarrely, Microsoft seems to be blaming OEMs for the failure, even though their own hardware efforts failed spectacularly.

Android News

My guess about the "Chrome" Android is that they have a Native Client version of Android. This would mean that any Chrome browser could run Android apps.
Are Android apps for Chromebooks on the way?

This looks really convenient. I wish Google and Microsoft made it this easy.
Dropbox releases sync API for iOS and Android

So long as you only use a subset of API calls, putting your Android app on Blackberry 10 is as simple as repackaging it.
Android developers are going to love BlackBerry 10

Note: Intel powered, it's a shame it's such a low end chip though (significantly less than a Tegra 3).
Asus could be working on a cheap, Intel-powered Android tablet

Food for thought...
Could Android replace Windows?

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

Apple Patents Crowdsourced, Peer-To-Peer Mobile Banking That Could Use iTunes To Provide Cash On Demand

Crazyflie Nano quadcopter is a $173 open source, programmable flying machine

North Korea's leader seen photographed using Android smartphone

Too busy to clean your tablet screen? Here's a $17 robot that does it for you

Friday, February 8, 2013

ChromeOS News

My guess about the "Chrome" Android is that they have a Native Client version of Android. This would mean that any Chrome browser could run Android apps.
Are Android apps for Chromebooks on the way?

Consensus is that HP's first Chromebook is less than desirable.
HP's First Chromebook: Big Screen, Little Else

Windows pundit Paul Thurott's made this rant about Chromebooks.
Microsoft’s PC Partners Continue to Seek Windows Alternatives
In the end his "solution" is that Microsoft should make it's own hardware... have you seen the new Microsoft Surface Pro? The depth of its bad design is breathtaking. Even he in his reviews has to struggle to find good things to say. How can he not see that Windows 8 is the problem?

This next item is almost certainly a hoax, the second article explains why. There were dozens of articles about this though, amazing, Chromebook news treated like the next iPhone news.
"Chromebook Pixel" with 4M Pixels, Designed By Google

The 'Chromebook Pixel'? Not so fast, bucko | Computerworld Blogs

This is a great list of Chromebook shortcuts... unfortunately not all that well organized, but I found several things I had not known before.
Google Chromebook - Tips To Master Chrome OS

Monday, February 4, 2013

Demo of an ARM-based Laptop

This demo is of an ARM-based laptop. In the first part it shows the laptop running Ubuntu Linux and LibreOffice. A brief portion at the end examines what Android on a laptop/desktop might look like.