Saturday, January 12, 2013

ViewSonic's VSD240 24" Android Tablet/Smart Display

I covered this in my first day CES post, but every time I mention this to an Android user their eyes light up and since it was awarded ‘Best of CES’ by Ubergizmo, I thought it worthwhile to highlight it in its own post.

Put simply, this is a 24" tablet that runs Android, it doubles as a smart display, meaning you can hook a legacy PC into it. According to this article its touch capability works with Windows 8, but is not certified because (and I was shocked by this) Microsoft requires 10-point detection for certification. [I think Microsoft really is determined to fail with Windows 8.]

The price for this 24" Android tablet that is also a PC smart display is: $499!

Again, for the price of the entry-level iPad, you get a 24" tablet that is also a PC display!

Ubergizmo has a nice video: ViewSonic VSD240 24” Smart Display With Android 4.1

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