Thursday, January 3, 2013

Non-Android Linux Goes Mobile

Two important announcements about mobile Linux.

First, Tizen, an offshoot of the abandoned Intel/Nokia Meego project is about to become used.

Samsung to sell first Tizen smartphone next year, report says | Mobile - CNET News

Second, not supposed to be shipping in a phone until 2014, Ubuntu announced an interesting initiative whereby your phone will be you desktop computer (you plug it into a monitor, etc). They have different UIs for the phone and for the desktop. Presumably there will be tablets eventually. Lots of confusing articles about this one, but I think this one (oddly from Android Authority) is both concise and correct.

Ubuntu smartphone – what you need to know about the new Android competitor in town

These platforms are potentially important because like Android they are free. More important, they are more open than Android. At the very least, they will help make sure Google doesn't abuse its position as Apple and Microsoft's closed platforms continue to lose Market Share to Android.

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