Thursday, January 3, 2013

Netbooks, Chromebooks and Bad Journalism

This week, journalists finally woke up to the fact that the Samsung ARM-based Chromebook is a best selling item. Readers of this blog know I've been say this for quite some time (indeed some of you got e-mails from me before I started this blog talking about this). How could they take so long to notice?

They also seem to not understand what the problem was with netbooks. Really, it was simple. Microsoft and Intel did not want to give up their profit margins and forced the use of substandard parts and software at high prices, intentionally making netbooks undesirable and unprofitable. Ultrabooks and Hybrids simply cost too much for what they deliver. Why do journalists not understand that $400 notebooks, good enough for 70% or more of users (consumer and business), are entirely possible?

The most important thing about the Samsung ARM-based Chromebook is that it proves a decent laptop can be made cheaply.

The articles below are only a small sample of the noise and nonsense.

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