Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Miscellaneous non-CES News


Tablet shipments to outshine notebooks this year, says report | Mobile - CNET News

Yet another large PC gaming house looking at Linux move:

Blizzard rumoured to be working on Linux port of "at least one" of their titles | News | PC Gamer

The Raspberry Pi Education Manual Teaches You Basic Computer Science Principles


Holiday Android tablet sales surge as selling prices plummet

Android dominates Facebook mobile user counts

Consumer Reports: iPhone falls behind Android on all big US carriers

DropSpace Automatically Syncs SD Card Directories to Dropbox


New 27-inch iMacs won't ship until next month | Apple - CNET News

For unexplained reasons new 21-inch iMacs come with 5400 rpm drives.

One assumes it has something to do with thinness, but that is just awful.

This odd firm claims Apple has the majority of the US market... you will see this making the rounds, especially on Apple-related sites. As best I can tell it is just false. Certainly there are other sources saying otherwise, and Amazon's top 100 shows Samsung and Android in general easily dominating iPhones.
Apple secures majority of US smartphone market, Samsung dominates Europe | ZDNet


This guy's take on WinRT: Buy a $249 Chromebook, use Office 365 from it, it's cheaper.
Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga 11 continues to prove that Windows RT is pointless | ZDNet

A Windows admin takes a shine to Chrome OS | Microsoft Windows - InfoWorld

Amazon's top selling laptop doesn't run Windows or Mac OS, it runs Linux | ZDNet

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