Thursday, January 10, 2013

Microsoft, Intel Failing; Apple May Disappoint

This benchmark is against Sandy Bridge Xeons, not Ivy Bridge, but it does show that Intel is increasingly vulnerable: First ARM benchmarks: The race is on
(Even against Ivy Bridge they should win on performance per watt, just not as big.)

Synopsis of 2012 PC and Mac sales:
    In the US market, PCs down 4.5%, Apple down 0.2%
    In the Worldwide market: PCs down: 3.2%, Apple ??? (too small a player to be broken out)
    Windows 8 is definitely a drag, world-wide sales of PCs were down 6.4% in 4Q12.

Soft PC Shipments in Fourth Quarter Lead to Annual Decline as HP Holds Onto Top Spot, According to IDC

Morgan Stanley downgrades Microsoft over Win 8, PC market concerns

Microsoft, Intel PCs to Keep Losing Share, Canalys Says

This is what I get for reporting that Apple rumor yesterday: Apple's Phil Schiller Throws Cold Water on Low-Priced iPhone

There are more signs than this that Apple had lesser, though still good sales:
Data Suggests Apple (AAPL) May Miss iPhone Sales Projections

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