Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Intel Behaving Badly

First, Intel is actively using misdirection to hide just how far behind they are in phone and tablet processors.

The first time I noticed it, they were talking about how Clover Trail is faster than the Tegra 3. That is true, but the Tegra 3 is not even close to the fastest ARM chip available. Several (shipping before Clover Trail) ARM chips are significantly faster than Clover Trail. None the less, you routinely hear people talk about how Clover Trail is faster than ARM chips.

Now they keep talking about their 7 watt Ivy Bridge chips.  Well, the 7 watts refers to the SDP of the chip, a measure Intel just made up, not the TDP traditionally used. Here are two articles that cover that in depth:

Power saving through marketing: Intel’s “7 watt” Ivy Bridge CPUs | Ars Technica

Intel's new low-power processors are high-power marketing hype | The Verge

Second, Intel is demanding that Ultrabooks come with touch, even though many users do not want touch and it is expensive.

Third, Intel is bragging that they have an Atom chip (Bay Trail) that will be twice the performance of Clover Trail, oh, but it will not ship until the end of 2013, well too late Intel, faster ARM chips than that will be shipping in the first half of 2013.

Fourth, given Intel's emphasis on the not-really-7-watt Ivy Bridge chips at CES, one can only assume that Haswell is going to be later than they have previously announced (June).

It is truly hard to say which is more intent on destroying the PC Industry, Intel or Microsoft.

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