Thursday, January 10, 2013

CES - Android-fest - Day 3


There are multiple sources saying Ultrabooks all lacking: A Brief Overview of CES' Ultrabooks

Samsung not going to ship Windows RT tablet in US due to low demand

Home Automation

I sincerely doubt we'll see an Android version, you have to have more money than sense: iPotty: iPad Hits Potty Training

Wearable Computing

CES 2013 - Are smartwatches the next big trend?


Unusual phone: The YotaPhone Has An E-Ink Display On The Back And That’s Simply Awesome


You've seen how many tablets I selected for the CES reports, there are many more: CES Craze: Tablets, Tablets and More Tablets!

Archos launches Titanium 7 through 10 inch tablets, prices start at $120

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