Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big ChromeOS News

This news is still something of a rumor, but a lot of places believe it. Lenovo is going to make 4 sizes of Chromebook, starting at $299. This would be the third PC OEM to do so (Samsung and Acer were the early makers of Chromebooks).

The details are here: The Lenovo Chromebook: Another Nail in Microsoft's Coffin


Chromeboxes are the ChromeOS equivalent of a Mac Mini or a compact desktop PC. So far only Samsung has made one, they have just lauched a new high-powered model.

Samsung Chromebox with Intel Core i5 now available for $400 and up

I hope they make an ARM-based one soon.


Dell is working on a competitor to ChromeOS. The article below talks about the business side of doing this. An article I've mentioned before had a few technical details (it is Android based). As best I can understand it the device will be an Enterprise-oriented Android device with special programs to do remote access and other Enterprise-friendly things.

How a leveraged buyout could actually turn Dell into the tech success story of the decade

Most interesting to me is watching the traditional Microsoft-based OEMs branch out.

Among major OEMs only HP has not made any Android/ChromeOS moves.


  1. That is good to know, I think this will be popular within a few days after it releases.

  2. Hope it will be a good one and change the mobile app world.


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