Friday, January 25, 2013

Android - Lots of News

Siri was originally slated to be on Android...
SIRI RISING: The Inside Story Of Siri's Origins -- And Why She Could Overshadow The iPhone

Normally I don't cover phone announcements, but this looks exciting:
Non-Nexus Android 5.0 Kie Lime Pie Motorola X 5-inch smartphone coming at Google I/O?

Wow, there's a thought... should a Windows 8 hybrid actually show promise, an Android version can easily be made that will be cheaper!
IdeaPad Yoga Convertible: Lenovo Prepping Android Version of the Hybrid Tablet PC

Blame for Nexus 4 shortage said to be Google fault, basically not anticipating the huge sales. Shortage will be alleviated in mid-February.
Nexus 4 production issues and ‘sold out’ popularity explained by LG France

Reviews the current state of Stick PCs and related things. The Miniand GK802 is particularly interesting if you want to use it as a real ARM-based computer.
Roundup: dongles and devices that bring Android to your TV

Yet another Android Refrigerator:
Samsung debuts T9000 refrigerator with LCD and Evernote integration

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