Saturday, January 19, 2013

Android, Linux, ChromeOS

Android and Linux

Oddly, most of the articles here apply both to Android and to other Linux. (Many of the Stick PC also can run Linux.)

Samsung adding enterprise features to Android, such as: deep Exchange support, broad VPN support, mobile device managment, with a large number of policy settings:
Samsung is building its own Android platform for the enterprise

These next two are about a shift away from the proprietary console gaming systems:
A modern gaming ecosystem emerges, with Microsoft gone and Sony silent

How Steam and Android Will Change Gaming Forever

This is a fairly serious little computer:
$55 Jelly Bean Android Mini PC RK3066 spotted at CES 2013

I thought this a good article to explain to an iOS user where iOS falls down:
Top ten reasons Android beats iOS

An iOS user experimenting with Android, will try Windows Phone next:
After 3 Weeks Without the iPhone, Switching to Android?

These two are for those who tinker:
VIA launches APC Paper $99 Android PC and Rock $79 board

'We thought we'd sell 1,000': The inside story of the Raspberry Pi | ZDNet

An upgrade to the original popular Stick PC. The article contains a link to yet another stick PC at its end:
MK802 IIIs Android Mini PC is a big upgrade in some ways, less so in others

I really need to try this game, it is unique to Android, really it is unique, period, full stop:
Ingress gets faster, prettier, better with latest update


Lenovo's Chromebook should have Microsoft sweating

Acer "Kiev" Chromebox in the works?

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