Thursday, January 3, 2013

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The trade press is finally admitting that Microsoft is failing and that Windows 8 is a flop. There were many, many more, but here's a few:

Microsoft Is Fast Turning Into A Sideshow - Forbes

Windows 8 Low Christmas Uptake: Troubling Signs for Microsoft's Future - Legit Reviews

Microsoft's aching Windows 8 hangover | The Industry Standard - InfoWorld


The best of the new year's Linux articles: Five Linux predictions for 2013 | PCWorld

A good candidate if you need a small distribution: Precise Puppy Ubuntu Based Light-weight Linux OS Launches | Geeky Gadgets


This article talks about app developers moving from iOS to Android. It incorrectly states that iOS leads in the US, that is no longer true.


Samsung loses Apple A6X production to TSMC. I think this is bad news for Apple. One, it frees up Samsung fabs so that Samsung will have plenty of room to make its own devices, currently things like the ARM-based Chromebook struggled to find enough fab time. Two, TSMC is said to be not as good a fab as Samsung, I predict yet another source of Apple manufacturing difficulties.

People are increasingly frustrated with Apple's default iOS Apps.


Microsoft patents its own augmented-reality glasses, following Windows 8 design the "glasses" consist of a "legacy" monocle duct-taped to half-a-pair of "Metro" eyeglasses. For unknown reasons, only the "glasses" with the monocle on the left are able to run "legacy" applications.

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