Sunday, December 9, 2012

Software Developer News

Python creator, Guido Van Rossum moves from Google to Dropbox.

Almost hate to mention this one, but John McAfee's story is simply bizzare.

The Go Programming Language is now 3 years old.

Hey, Microsoft, Wake UP!  It's hard to find new developers when you do not release any numbers and the one developer we hear from says they are not making any money:
Microsoft Announces Windows Phone Developer Revenue And App Downloads Have Doubled
(But the announcement didn't actually say anything! Which probably say a lot about how bad things are.)
Indie Developer Slams Microsoft, Windows RT Marketplace
(Basically, a top game developer on iOS/Android is only making $84 a week in the Windows Store.)
Microsoft Surface sales not expected to top 600,000 this quarter
(This was based on weak sources, but Microsoft's lack of information means developers will assume it is true in decide whether or not to develop for Windows 8.)

This next fellow makes a good point... if you need to rewrite all your apps for Windows 8, why not do it for Android or iOS instead?
Should You Rewrite Applications for Windows 8?

Apple, Microsoft and Google all charge developers a fairly high percentage to sell their apps in the their respective stores.  This article questions the wisdom of charging that much.

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