Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Paul Thurrott Attempts to Save Windows 8

I thought this series of articles was worth a post all by itself.

First of all I wish to applaud Paul for trying.

I sort of want to laugh or throw up at the idea that it is necessary for him to do this, but I do believe it is necessary. I was frankly surprised to see Paul be willing to take the position that Windows 8 is seriously flawed.

He goes through the main subsystems of Windows 8 looking for ways to fix things. My personal opinion is that it really isn't possible. Microsoft really needs to split it into two systems. However, that is unlikely to occur, so I'm glad Paul is attempting to make the best of a bad situation. Many people will eventually be stuck with Windows 8, no matter what.

Search Results for "Fixing Windows 8"

Sadly though, reading through his articles, it really just becomes clear to me how big the problem actually is. In the end, I keep coming back to the question, how did Microsoft manage to release this turkey? People keep comparing Windows 8 to New Coke. I feel this is not nearly strong enough. New Coke did not actively diminish the productivity of a large percentage of the world population, nor did it threaten the existence of numerous large businesses.

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